Whos this douchebag?

hiya! i'm jeremy.

i've been doing html/css stuff for a about a year now. i used to be on myspace93 & spacehey before i got bored/it shut down. im 15 and use xe/it, oh im also afrolatine and nblm...and autistic/an adhd haver. i do have a main website, but i want to keep it seperate from this, since this is more of a fixation page. also i can never shut up about blueycapsules for the life of me. also as you can see i really like graphics..

:] : old web things, south park/hell park, fnaf, vast error/homestuck, vocaloid, pjsekai, cookie run, pinky and pepper forever, mamamax, coryxkenshin, kubz scouts, true crime, epithet erased

>:[ : dsmp, schlatt i hate him so fukin much, proshippers, scott (fnaf) apologists, blueycapsules "antis" (yall r annoying for absolutely no reason.. ), people who misgender roxy (he/they) and june (she/her) from homestuck ://